What is Favicon? Why do you need it?

A favicon is simply a 16×16 image visible on the left of address bar of a lot of browsers. It is basically a picture, letter, or a solid color which represents website. You may follow a few simple steps to add a Favicon. You just have to create 16×16 favicon image in Photoshop and save as ‘favicon.ico’. You need ico plugin to save as ico. Once it is saved, you have to upload the same to root directory of the site.

Once it has been uploaded, a lot of latest browsers can navigate to it automatically and set as icon for the website. There is no problem if you don’t have Photoshop. You can also use online favicon generator to create an appealing favicon for a website.

Now that you might be thinking why should you use favicon? Favicon gives some substance to your site. You don’t have to use it but your site looks boring without favicon. They don’t just come in ico format, it also allows you to upload png file as favicon. However, these favicons won’t work in outdated browsers like Internet Explorer 6.

Why Favicons?

Favicons are very vital as they can help create your presence and give your site a kind of identity. They appear on the site when it is opened and one can associate your site with these signs. It is very vital as it helps improve sales as once the sign has been imprinted on the mind of clients, they can always refer to the site to reach the products they need.

Looks of the site also matter as it is the initial contact one can have with a site. This is why you need to find designers who take time to ensure everything is right and in place to help improve your organization.